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Spread “green” hope, and build a beautiful campus: the first flag-raising ceremony for this new semester performing in No.42 Middle School
Time:2018-3-13 8:09:20      Read:420      Translator:No.42 Middle School

After the cold winter break, our campus becomes joyful and full of vigour and vitality again because of the beginning of the new term. On March 12th, with splendid sunglow and warm spring breeze, all the students and teachers from Grade One and Grade Two came to the first flag-raising ceremony for this new term. This ceremony was presided by our director of education department, Hairan Xiao, and the Class Five, Grade One was in charge of raising the flag.


During the ceremony, popularizing the idea of afforestation and tree conservation, our students from Class Five provided us a wonderful recitation which was named “Green Hope”, making more students pay attention to environmental protection, arousing their awareness of afforestation and campus beautification, and encouraging them to have a low-carbon lifestyle.


Today is Arbor Day, which is also the day of our first flag-raising ceremony. Let us put into action, making our campus full of green. Trees are man’s good friends. Not only can they beautify the environment, but they also can maintain ecological balance. With trees, we now have beautiful nature, fresh air, and comfortable living condition. We encourage people to grab their shovels and barrels, walk to any place where we can plant saplings, with “green” footprints left behind, and spread “green hope” all over the world, so that we can have a beatiful environment to live with. 

Our campus, which is full of green, is shining its vitality and vigour. Let us do as follows together:

1.Take resposibility to beautify our campus by using plastic bags properly, not scrawling on the desks, cleaning our clssrooms daily. 

2.Cherish water and food.

Finally, Director Xiao said: Everyone should take action to protect our environment and make our life better.

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